In the grand tradition of Rosenfield and Patton's Texas History Movies and the wonderful graphic novels of Jack Jackson, we now have Mike Kearby and Mack White's marvelous Texas Tales illustrated. Clear writing, great art, and solid history make for a winning combination that will delight and educate readers both young and old.
--Paul Andrew Hutton, University of New Mexico

Texas Tales is a historically accurate and refreshing approach to educating and entertaining readers of all ages on the Texas Revolution ...
--Stephen Moore, author of Eighteen Minutes: The Battle
of San Jacinto and the Texas Independence Campaign

Mike Kearby and Mack White have combined to produce a stunning illustrated history of the Texas Revolution. White's illustrations and Kearby's educational-filled text are a perfect mixture in making history exciting for today's students. The book features stories revolving around eight-year-old Enrique Esparza, a survivor at the Alamo, fifteen-year-old William Phillip King, the youngest defender to die at the Alamo, and ten-year-old Dilue Rose, who along with her father kept a journal during the Runaway Scrape. Finally...a graphic novel that parents won't mind buying for their children. Highly recommended."
--eRead Review

For some history may have been a dry subject, perhaps it still is--no longer once they've seen this arresting illustrated story of the Texas revolution for independence. White's drawings are bold, detailed, very much in comic book style, which is sure to capture the eyes not only of students but adults as well. Author Kearby relates the events vividly and accurately, reminding us of not only the hardships but perils faced by both Texians and Tejanos.

Opening with this note, "In the autumn of 1835, General don Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna dissolves the Federalist government of Mexico and places all government control into his own hands....," we visually join forces with the battle of the Alamo, Goliad, and San Jacinto.

Also included is a fascinating printed outline of the revolution including data re the Gonzales Mounted Rangers, the Texas Independence Convention, and more. Plus, readers will find a map of the San Jacinto Battlefield, and a copy of the Treaties of Velasco.

Originally prepared for use in 7th grade history classes Texas Tales Illustrated is not only a valuable contribution to history but a step in recognizing how visually oriented our young people have become.
--Gail Cooke



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"Finally a graphic novel that parents won't mind
buying for their kids."
--eRead Review, April 2011

Texas Tales Illustrated has educators and parents excited. Using the highly popular graphic novel medium, Texas Tales Illustrated accomplishes the single most essential prerequisite for capturing the attention of young adult readers: that the characters appear genuine. Each illustrated page recreates true stories of young people who lived through the historic events of the Texas Revolution. Not only does Texas Tales Illustrated brings these stories to life, it also inspires children to read more

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